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About our Pre-Kindergarten Program

Ages 4yrs. to 5.5years

Pre-Kindergarten is a wonderful time when children’s minds and abilities are developing quickly. This is why Play ‘N’ Learn has developed a well-balanced curriculum to address the needs of the whole child. Not only are academic needs addressed, but emotional and social development is given high priority as well. It is this “whole child” approach that has allowed our children to reach success both here at Play ‘N’ Learn and beyond at other well-respected educational institutions.

The average Pre-Kindergarten lesson lasts quite a bit longer than a preschool class lesson. At this age, your child can sit longer and focus on more intricate and purpose driven projects. Here, they will work both individually and in small groups to learn to solve problems. Each child is encouraged to explore their own creativity with projects that support and help develop their natural abilities.

Play ‘N’ Learn recognizes that most children will leave our Pre-Kindergarten classes straight for a Kindergarten classroom. To that end, we strive to ensure each child is given every possible tool they need to not only succeed in their future academic pursuits, but excel. While the typical classroom is being stringently “cut-back” to save the educational budgets – Play ‘N’ Learn is “pushing forward” to save the education of our future, the education of our children.

Some of the Milestones you may observe in your Pre-Kindergartener:

· Secure with separation from parents

· Comprehension of Size Differences (big, small, short, long, etc…)

· Increased attention span and ability to focus

· Patterning and Sequencing

· Printing both First and Last Name

· Describing or Creating events from a picture

· Enhanced social skills with peers and adults

Pre-Kindergartener Daily Schedule:

6:30 8:30 Before School Care

(Breakfast snack is served upon arrival until 8:30a.m.)

8:30 9:00 Outside Play

9:00 9:30 Calendar Time

(Calendar, Number, & Letter Review)

9:30 10:30 Morning Class Time

(Please check the lesson plan board)

10:30 11:15 Outside Play

11:15 11:30 Story Time

11:30 12:00 Lunch

12:00 2:00 Nap / Rest Time

2:00 2:15 Afternoon Snack

2:15 2:35 Outside Play Time

2:35 3:30 Afternoon Class Time

3:30 6:00 Afterschool Care