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Our Toddler Program

Accepts children from 18 months to 3 years old.

Our toddler teachers set attainable classroom goals and know to expect the unexpected. Through it all, they are patient and loving with every child. Toddlers have unique needs. Since many children’s first school experience is in our toddler program, group settings are unfamiliar to them. It is imperative that the classroom is interesting to explore, designed with toddlers in mind, and is filled with stimulating activities and objects to keep their minds and hands occupied.

We understand and take the necessary time to help them adjust to the school environment. Each staff member will make introducing them to sharing, potty training, and following a consistent schedule a priority. Weekly lesson plans in the toddler room are filled with age-appropriate, sensory-centered activities. From playing with “Clean Mud” and finger paint to singing, clapping, and jumping to their favorite songs; simple “playing” is turned into genuine learning. As the teachers encourage the children to explore and learn, they build self-confidence which leads to academic success. All of this encourages physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development.

Some of the Milestones you may observe in your toddler:

  • Toilet Training Mastery
  • Increased Fine Motor Skills (Feeding Oneself, Holding Toys, etc…)
  • Increased Gross Motor Skills (Running, Climbing, Jumping, etc…)
  • Frequently Displays More Independence
  • Improved Attention Span & Ability to Follow Directions
  • Increased Language Development
  • More Defined sense of “Group” Identity


Toddler Daily Schedule:

6:30-8:00: Free Discovery Play Inside

8:00-8:15: Clean up and Diaper check

8:15-9:00: Outside Play

9:00-9:15: Wash Up / Potty Time / Diaper check

9:15-9:30: Morning Group / Songs & Stories

9:30-9:55: Small Group Time

9:55-10:15: Circle Time

10:15-10:30: Clean Up and Diaper Check

10:30-11:00: Outside Play

11:00-11:15: Wash Up / Potty Time / Diaper Check

11:15-11:45: Lunch / Clean Up

12:00-2:00: Nap / Rest Time

2:00-2:15: Wake Up / Diaper Check

2:15-2:30: Afternoon Snack

2:30-3:00: Outside Play

3:00-3:15: Wash Up / Potty Time / Diaper Check

3:15-3:30: Table Time Activities

3:30-4:00: Indoor – Large Motor Activities

4:00-5:00: Diaper Check / Outside Play

5:00-5:15: Wash up / Potty Time

5:15-5:45: Free Discovery Play

5:45-6:00: Quiet Activities / Clean Up