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About our Preschool Program

ages 3yrs to 4.5yrs

While many people feel children “play” at school, we understand that children learn by doing and thus, learn from play. At Play ‘N’ Learn, each class follows a weekly lesson plan, which in turn, follows a theme-based learning schedule. These lesson are planned in advance are always available for you to view in the school’s main entryway. A perfect example of how we keep you informed of everything happening at the school and encourage open communication with parents at all times.

Each week a different letter, number, shape and color are explored in detail. Each are integrated into theme-based projects like; finger painting the letter ‘H’, measuring sugar for cooking projects, or mixing colors to make the right shade of purple. These are all examples of Science, Language, Social Skills or Math concepts. While your preschool aged child is having fun, “playing,” they are also developing valuable skills.

A preschool age child is developing quickly and it is important to surround them with a stimulating classroom environment that encourages and challenges them to grow emotionally, socially and academically. Here, supportive teachers work to strengthen attention spans. Life skills such as cooperation and attentive listening are reinforced as children engage in their projects and daily activities. Within those activities, we have achieved a balance of both guided and self-driven experiences. The result is children who are confident and motivated to learn.

Some of the Milestones you may observe in your Preschooler:

· Basic Counting

· Learning/Playing Basic Games

· Sorting by Shape, Size and Color

· Recognizing their own Name & other Letters in Print

· Increased ability to sit and focus on tasks

· Ability to predict basic outcomes based off simple actions

Preschool Daily Schedule:

6:30 8:30 Before School Care

(Breakfast snack is served upon arrival until 8:30a.m.)

8:30 9:00 Outside Play

9:00 9:30 Morning Circle Time

(songs, stories, calendar, etc . . .)

9:30 10:30 Morning Class Time

(Please check the lesson plan board)

10:30 11:15 Outside Play

11:15 11:30 Story Time

11:30 12:00 Lunch

12:00 2:00 Nap / Rest Time

2:00 2:15 Afternoon Snack

2:15 2:35 Outside Play Time

2:35 3:30 Afternoon Class Time

3:30 6:00 Afterschool Care