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1. Ms. Tammy Lariz – Director/Administrator:

Tammy LHaving attended Play ‘N’ Learn as a child and growing up around the school (her parents were the owners) it is safe to say that nobody knows Play ‘N’ Learn better than Tammy. She has worked her way up over the nearly 20 years she has worked here from Janitor, to Cook,  to teacher’s aide, to teacher, to Director and now as the Administrator, she is responsible for the entire staff and the curriculum of the school. She has 3 children, all of which proudly attended Play ‘N’ Learn Preschool! She works very hard to ensure that your child has the best possible experience during their time here at Play ‘N’ Learn Preschool.

2. Ms. Jenny – Admin:

JennyMs. Jenny is the multi-tasker of Play ‘N’ Learn Preschool. She opens the school and makes sure that everything is prepared for our “early bird” children. After that, she moves to the front office and helps with all parent and teacher needs throughout the day. With 2 children (both graduates of Play ‘N’ Learn) Ms. Jenny is one busy woman, especially with her daughter Paige who is on a competitive dance team.


3. Ms. Angie – Admin

From teacher’s aide to teacher and then to admin, Ms. Angie has proven that she is multi-talented. There are always a thousand things going-on at Play ‘N’ Learn and she has a part in all of them. You will typically see her greeting every person as they come and go, but in between, she is e-mailing parents, helping children with their boo-boo’s and making sure our teachers have everything they need. Ms. Angie has had 2 children graduate from Play ‘N’ Learn and tries very hard to guarantee that each child receives the same quality of care that she wants for her children.


4. Ms. Stacy – Kindergarten Teacher:






5. Ms. Josi – Kindergarten Assitant:






Jr. Kindergarten:

6. Ms. Karin – Jr. Kindergarten Teacher:

7. Ms. Michelle- Jr. Kindergarten Assistant:







8. Ms. Monica – Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Monica has over 14 years experience teaching children from Toddlers through Pre Kindergarten. She currently is teaching Pre-Kindergarten. There, she is responsible for teaching the children all the skills necessary to successfully transition into Kindergarten, a responsibility she takes very seriously. Ms. Monica has been with Play ‘N’ Learn for over 10 years and is happy to say that her own Grand-daughter attended Play ‘N’ Learn Preschool!


9. Ms. Mandy – Pre-Kindergarten Teacher:






10. Ms. Phu – Pre-Kindergarten Teacher:

PhuTalk about high-energy. Most teachers struggle to keep up with a class full of young children. Ms. Phu’s class struggles to keep up with her. She understands that teaching children today requires you to keep their attention in different ways and with different types of lessons. She is always excited to learn new teaching skills and the children benefit from her enthusiasm. Ms. Phu has 2 children that have both graduated from Play ‘N’ Learn. Ms. Phu us bi-lingual in English and Vietnamese.

11. Ms. Michel- Pre-Kindergarten Teacher:






12. Ms. Betty – Preschool Teacher:

BettyAs our longest tenured teacher at Play ‘N’ Learn (over 25 years), Ms. Betty cannot only teach children, but she can teach the teachers as well – and they always listen. During her years here, Ms. Betty has remained consistent – love the children, but don’t just love them…let them know they are loved, let them experience your acceptance. She feels that once children know they are truly loved, they are more accepting of the lessons you share with them. Ms. Betty’s legacy is strong as she has not only touched the lives of thousands of children, but also many, many teachers as well. She is always willing to share her wisdom, so don’t be afraid to ask.

13. Ms. Sukanya – Preschool Teacher:

StaffAfter obtaining her college education in Early Childhood Education, Ms. Sukanya decided that the best way to get real life experience was to volunteer at a quality childcare center that she respected. Lucky for us, she decided that Play ‘N’ Learn fit that bill. After we observed her natural teaching ability and gentle nature, we decided that Ms. Sukanya was a perfect fit for the Play ‘N’ Learn staff and we could not have been happier with our decision. Ms. Sukanya speaks both English and Cantonese.

14. Ms. Kate- Preschool Teacher:

15. Ms. Tami- Preschool Teacher

16. Ms. Gretchen – Mornings Only Teacher:

GretchenParents looking for Mornings Only classes typically have special and specific goals for their children at preschool. Ms. Gretchen knows this first-hand. She was a mornings-only parent at Play ‘N’ Learn before she was one of our teachers. After her children entered school full-time, she returned to Play ‘N’ Learn, this time as a teacher instead of a parent. Ms. Gretchen understands the special requirements and conditions involved with teaching “Part-time” children. She is an all-star teacher and takes great pride in her class.


17. Ms. Rubi- Toddler Teacher:

18. Ms. Fernanda- Toddler Teacher:





19. Ms. Brianda – Toddler Teacher:

Ms. Brianda has an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts: Elementary Education. She is attending CSU Chico to obtain a Bachelor in Liberal Arts. She is the youngest of 4 children and has 1 niece and 2 nephews. She loves working with children because she feels it is the most rewarding occupation. The children make it feel like FUN rather then a job.


20. Ms. Cecilia – Toddler Teacher

Ms. Cecilia has years of experience teaching many different ages of children. She has been with Play ‘N’ Learn  for nearly 10 years and has had two children of her own graduate from our program. Children love her calm nature and find comfort in her unconditional acceptance of them.




21. Ms. Maria- Floating Teacher:

Mrs. Maria, lovingly referred to as “Chula” by many children and parents, has been working at Play ‘N’ Learn for many years. With the boundless energy of a teenager, she somehow continues to keep up with all the children even after all these years. As a floater, Mrs. Maria is able to serve all of the children at Play ‘N’ Learn. She moves throughout the school and helps out as needed. You will see her in classrooms from the toddlers through Kindergarten.

22. Ms. Nikki – Floating Teacher:

23. Ms. Elizabeth – Floating Teacher:


Ms. Elizabeth started working at Play ‘N’ Learn during a high school class that required her to gain “real-life” work experience. She never left and we hope she never does. She is now in college gaining her education in Childhood Education. Always a favorite with the children, Ms. Elizabeth brings her high energy style to both the classroom and outdoor activities. She knows that getting down and directly interacting with the children can be the best way to reach them, so she makes a point to work directly with them as much as possible.


24. Ms. Atzimba- Cook